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Since there were only three entries...

for Leviticus...

All three of you are this round's Chosen Ones - and the next round will be a VOTED round - not for image quality, however....

Artists: Choose who you want to draw. If you draw ONE of the three, you may enter one character in the vote. If you draw all three, you may enter three different characters in the vote. If you draw two, yup, two different characters. If you draw none, you can't _enter_ anyone in the vote though you ARE eligible to vote for someone else's characters.

The way the vote will be set up is as follows:

"Which character would you most like to draw in the next round?"

Don't vote for the art - just for a character whose description intrigues you. Because you're voting for someone you yourself would like to draw... don't vote for your own character. Voters: If you're not a member of FAXXX, why not join _before_ you vote? Artists: make sure you post character descriptions that'll really intrigue the folks who are looking at them!

The top choice (or two, or three, depending on how close the votes are - if they're pretty unanimous, that's one thing, but if three different characters get 5, 4, and 4 votes, for example...) will become the next round's Chosen One(s).

This round's Chosen Three character descriptions are behind the cut...

Rating: Anything R to X

Name: Lucifer Valentino
Species: Caracal/Cheetah Cross
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Description: Looking upon this male feline mix he is thin but kind of pudgy, but is very muscular for this type of beast. He has the big caracal ears complete with the long black tuffs at the tips of his ears. His body is sort of built like the caracal, but still lean from the cheetah part of him. He has a long tail that seems to be spotted brown instead of black. The rest of his spots are black along his golden furred body and has the tear like markings under his eyes like a real cheetah has. He has black hair that is held in a pony tail. He has a black goatee-type thing that isn't too long on his chin. His large caracal ears have piercings in them: 3 rings and 2 studs in each. He has two different colored eyes, which is an oddity and a beauty. His right eye is an icy blue and his left eye is a golden yellow with a slight green in it. He wears a black tanktop with a long-sleeve fishnet shirt under it sometimes and black baggy-ish pants. He sometimes just wears the fishnet shirt and not the tanktop, depending on the weather. He wears a black collar with spikes around it, mostly his kind of jewlery. If your wondering what he likes, he likes feline girls and some female dogs. ;)
Do(s): Multiple Females with him are alright, Some bodily fluids are okay, bondage is great, Tasteful Nudes are always great.Cute things would be cool and joking is also great. Having him in situations with anthros (NOT non-anthro creatures, please).
Dont(s): No anal things, period. No excrement (watersports, scat, etc. of any kind!) No playing with dead things or playing with children.

Rating: R to NC-17

Name: Duke Stallion
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Sexual Pref: Bi, males prefered

Description: Duke is a 5'10" homogenous mix of quagga and raptor. His black hair grows down the ridge of his neck in a mane stopping between the shoulder blades. His skin is orange-red and mottled w/ brown stripes near his spine. His forarms and lower legs sport the black and white stripes of the quagga. His eyes are yellow green. He is digigrade, standing on two toes , a third inner claw on each foot is the raptor killing tool. Typical clothing would be cut off jeans and leather straps, belts and buckles.
What he'll do: Single, couple, a whole room of consenting adult furs. Bondage, watersports, toys, gagets, gallons of male fluids, drawn blood from bites or scratches. (from the Sexuality section: and he's known to be perfectly happy w/ pleasing himself oraly.)
What he won't do: dung, kids and non-anthros or humans.
No reference pics available to view. But I can send a sketch or two to anyone who needs it.

And last, but not least,

Your Name: TabbieWolf
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Character Name: Aiko
Species: Japanese Bobtail
Sex: Female
Sexuality: (Assumed bi from description? Please let us know!)

Description: Aiko is a bouncy, friendly girl who works at a strip club called The Speakeasy. She's soft and warm and very much a tease, and despite her job, it's hard for her to get tired of sex. She's rather short, standing at just five feet tall, and of average weight, with small but noticeable breasts. She's white with dark orange on her ears that blends into sort of a patch around her left eye, as well as a spot just above her butt that makes her short, bunny-like fluff of a tail entirely orange. Her eyes are bright and almond-shaped, the left one blue and the right one greenish-yellow. Her nose and inside her ears are fleshtone pink. She has short, straight, very black hair that falls just down to her neck.
When dressed, Aiko prefers loose, overly large sweatshirts and tight black jeans or cut-off shorts. She doesn't usually wear a bra and wears bikini-style panties, often pink. When on-stage, she can be found dressed in (and stripping out of) traditional Japanese kiminos, as her Japanese heritage seems to be her stage draw.
Image Links: none at the moment, unfortunately
Do: Her doing her job, tasteful nude pin-up shots, males, females, males and females, multiples of either sex, light bondage.
Don't: Bathroom play, unbirthing, vore, nonconsentual sex, pregnancy, anything involving kids or the elderly, anything involving blood (none of that nasty being-ripped-apart stuff), no massive floods of spooge (not sure about tentacles, being Japanese she kind of asks for it).

And in case you're worried about the number of images being fractionated by the fact that there's three Chosen people... rest assured that each of the three will be getting a drawing from me at the very least. I wouldn't have set it up this way if I thought someone would get completely left out.
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