TabbieWolf (tabbiewolf) wrote in furartxxxchange,


Okay, I was an idiot and didn't read the rules that applied to the ratings unfortunately I drew a penetration picture. Now I'm not about to not post it, I'm just really hoping it won't get Leviticus' creator mad at me (I've always assumed NC-17 and X to be the same thing, and according to the MPAA they are, so...*shrug*)...I think it's a relatively tasteful pic, nothing too nasty...but...uhm...well, let's just hope I haven't crossed any lines here. Ssthisto, please tell me if I have and I'll take the picture down <=)

Leviticus takes on Chance, my gay, blonde otter boy...Well, I thought it was okay. Again, if the somewhat-visible penetration is a bad thing...just lemme know, please! If it's not, well then hey, can I upload this pic to my VCL account?

And now, my character description, in case my picture didn't violate any rules...

Your Name: TabbieWolf
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Character Name: Aiko
Species: Japanese Bobtail
Sex: Female
Description: Aiko is a bouncy, friendly girl who works at a strip club called The Speakeasy. She's soft and warm and very much a tease, and despite her job, it's hard for her to get tired of sex. She's rather short, standing at just five feet tall, and of average weight, with small but noticeable breasts. She's white with dark orange on her ears that blends into sort of a patch around her left eye, as well as a spot just above her butt that makes her short, bunny-like fluff of a tail entirely orange. Her eyes are bright and almond-shaped, the left one blue and the right one greenish-yellow. Her nose and inside her ears are fleshtone pink. She has short, straight, very black hair that falls just down to her neck.

When dressed, Aiko prefers loose, overly large sweatshirts and tight black jeans or cut-off shorts. She doesn't usually wear a bra and wears bikini-style panties, often pink. When on-stage, she can be found dressed in (and stripping out of) traditional Japanese kiminos, as her Japanese heritage seems to be her stage draw.

Image Links: none at the moment, unfortunately

Do: Her doing her job, tasteful nude pin-up shots, males, females, males and females, multiples of either sex, light bondage.

Don't: Bathroom play, unbirthing, vore, nonconsentual sex, pregnancy, anything involving kids or the elderly, anything involving blood (none of that nasty being-ripped-apart stuff), no massive floods of spooge (not sure about tentacles, being Japanese she kind of asks for it).
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