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O.o ... this didn't turn out as well as I'd have liked it to.... but it's my first time w/ an underwater pic & dolphins.... perhaps I should have tried this w/ pencil n' paper first....


The compression of the file on VCL made it a little fuzzed, so if you'd like the uncompressed file, just drop me an e-mail or something.

As for my character this round::

Name: Duke Stallion
Age: 27
Sexual Pref: Bi, males prefered, and he's known to be perfectly happy w/ pleasing himself oraly.

Description: Duke is a 5'10" homogenous mix of quagga and raptor. His black hair grows down the ridge of his neck in a mane stopping between the shoulder blades. His skin is orange-red and mottled w/ brown stripes near his spine. His forarms and lower legs sport the black and white stripes of the quagga. His eyes are yellow green. He is digigrade, standing on two toes , a third inner claw on each foot is the raptor killing tool. Typical clothing would be cut off jeans and leather straps, belts and buckles.

What he'll do: Single, couple, a whole room of consenting adult furs. Bondage, watersports, toys, gagets, gallons of male fluids, drawn blood from bites or scratches.

What he won't do: dung, kids and non-anthros or humans.

No reference pics available to view. But I can send a sketch or two to anyone who needs it.
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