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Here's My Entry

Okay Here's my entry for this round and everything. I don't think I draw dolphins or anything related very well, but I think I did good this time around. I did two versions, one computer colored and one just left alone. :)

Regular: http://www.geocities.com/whitetiger2040/fxxxlevi_bygothicmeezer.html

Computer Colored: http://www.geocities.com/whitetiger2040/levicompcolor_bygothicmeezer.html

And for my character, I'm still going with Lucifer:

Name: Lucifer Valentino
Species: Caracal/Cheetah Cross
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Description: Looking upon this male feline mix he is thin but kind of pudgy, but is very muscular for this type of beast. He has the big caracal ears complete with the long black tuffs at the tips of his ears. His body is sort of built like the caracal, but still lean from the cheetah part of him. He has a long tail that seems to be spotted brown instead of black. The rest of his spots are black along his golden furred body and has the tear like markings under his eyes like a real cheetah has. He has black hair that is held in a pony tail. He has a black goatee-type thing that isn't too long on his chin. His large caracal ears have piercings in them: 3 rings and 2 studs in each. He has two different colored eyes, which is an oddity and a beauty. His right eye is an icy blue and his left eye is a golden yellow with a slight green in it. He wears a black tanktop with a long-sleeve fishnet shirt under it sometimes and black baggy-ish pants. He sometimes just wears the fishnet shirt and not the tanktop, depending on the weather. He wears a black collar with spikes around it, mostly his kind of jewlery. If your wondering what he likes, he likes feline girls and some female dogs. ;)

Rating: Anything R to X

Do(s): Multiple Females with him are alright, Some bodily fluids are okay, bondage is great, Tasteful Nudes are always great.Cute things would be cool and joking is also great. Having him in situations with anthros (NOT non-anthro creatures, please).

Dont(s): No anal things, period. No excrement (watersports, scat, etc. of any kind!) No playing with dead things or playing with children.
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