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anyway - PICTURES!!!

Aiko and Duke


Was working on color versions - but they just didn't look as good as the pencil... erm.. (ok I'm a pencil fiend deep down -.-;)

Name: Ginger
Rating : NC-17
Sex: Unknown
Sexuality: Does it move? (bi)
Species: Fennec Based
Eyes: Amber
Hair : Sand
Description: Height of 5'5" and weight of approximately 140 lbs. While Ginger's current body is somewhere between 350 and 500 years old (nobody knows for sure), "her" looks seem to go no further than one in their mid-late 20's. Most also assume Ginger is female - however it's also uncertain what is "her" true form. "She" seems to favor taking on a female body but could easily sport male endowments. It's also uncertain if the true corperal form of Ginger is one of a normal proportioned fennec, a fennec-girl (ala anime), a anthropomorphic fennec, or just an eccentric humanoid who fancies fur. If you dare to imagine a variation of a body - she can take it. Bangs cut short above the left eye at the brow and left semi-long down to the jawline on the right. (see image). Loose lock of hair extends almost "quaillike". Small mole at the corner of right eye.

Accessories (clothing, jewlery, weapons, etc): pierced nipples - even though jewelery is not always worn. Also sports various gential piercings.

Personality: "A fox's magic is the illusion it creates"
Sly, cunning, and at times violent - Ginger be a close ally or try to bring you to your doom. As a member and almost "mother" to most of the now almost extinct Inkwell tribe/clan - Ginger is also very protective and intent upon furthering the spread of the family. (In times before this clan was said to be courtiers to royalty and lesser dieties. Once a servant of Jupiter - was granted imortality - and spiritually is more than 3000 years of age - "she" constructs new bodies as the old deteriorate)
Sometimes brims with a peculiar charm and sensuality - but also at times shows a glimmer of gentleness behind her usually standoffish guise.

Anything else we should know: Ginger drinks... a lot... and "she" tends to be solitary... and has a love for plants.

Refrence Pictures: http://web.njit.edu/~kj5/misc/gingerhead.gif - Ginger's signature hair style in proportion with her ears and eyes

Do's and Dont's : Ginger is quite the sex kitten for a fox - has a love for drinking and blood... (those are her only other vices that could be considered adult). Extreeme Gore is a nono - but bits of blood ok so long as not sexual. No upclose shots of "girl" bits - but being an illusionist - "she" can have herm or only boy bits with breasts. Multiple partners ok so long as no faces are shown. No kids, no humans (unless in fox-"girl" style), and nothing that you would find in the toilet. Basically - anything your pervy minds can come with outside of the above are acceptable.

Character Name: Tony (Anthony)
Rating : R
Species: Lion
Sex: Male
Sexuality: monogomous hetero virgin (extends claws cause he's mah mate)
Description: 6'2 male lion morph
Slightly _curly_ but characteristic mane just past shoulders
slightly muscular build
The regular lion colors with tuffs of fur over wrists
Other Distinguising characteristics : left eye is dark blue and the right is
dark blue with green flecks

Extrovertent and serious. Tends to be candid about emotions. Enjoys law and
history. Talkative and tends to be a sardonic - even cynical. Enjoys company
of others. Video game junkie. Microwave gourmet. Not as "outdoorsy" but athletically inclined... or at least tries to be. Will wear almost every and anything though he tends to wear blue often.
While Tony is manned like a typical male lion, it is not a full one as it doesn't extend beyond his jawline.
While when with his mate - he can handel nudity - but with the loss of his clothes he also looses a great deal of his confidence becomming rather shy, cautious, and self concious.

Do: Nudity, sensuality, and self exploration is ok... sticking him in a bit of bondage gear is ok. Humor is always a plus.
Don't: Because he's _mine_ - nobody else... so if you want to put him in a situation with anyone - I'll give you my desc. :P

*skips off*
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