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For Aiko

A day late .... well there was an extention, so I guess it's in time again O.o.


And since I've yet to get a pic of this 'gal' I'll enter her for the next round.

Name: Boypanties (true name a secret ^_~)

Sex: Male (although he'd rather be called 'she')

Species: Unicorn/dragon

Eyes: green

Description: Boypanties is 6'10" in height with glossy lavender-blue hued fur. A short milky white to clear horn rests on top of her head splitting slightly longer than shoulder-length, golden hair which is often dyed light pink. Her face is deerlike (her unicorn half is not equine) with large floppy soft ears. She has DD implants on her chest. Her hands are dragon-pawed, nails well manacured. She stands tall on long legs, ending in cloven hooves, I believe the term is digigrade for toe walkers, yes ? Her tail is long, thin and semiprehensile with tapered hair-like scales and ends in an almost heartshaped tounge length tip. *new* she's recently gotten a pair of ornate dragon wings tattooed over her shoulder blades. They are magenta/pink.

Accessories (clothing, jewlery, weapons, etc): Boypanties is crazy over anything lacy, frilly and full of ribbons. She usually wears big, bright red ribbons just above her ankles and a smaller one to tie back her hair. She also likes to wear a choker length royal blue ribbon around her neck w/ or w/o a pendant. A plain silver ring is worn around her horn and she sometimes wears belly charms. She's not too big into metal or stone adornmets, and never wears earings.

Personality: Boypanties is shy offstage, and slow to trust anyone with her secrets. Onstage she's willing to bear it all. Relationship wise, she's looking for a strong man who'll protect her emotions and cherrish her beauty inner and outer.

Anything else we should know: Boypanties (his chosen stage name) never fit in socialy until after HS when he encountered other men like himself who fancied wearing women's clothing. Crossdressing eventually led to contests, and stripping as a profession (and later funded the breast implants)

Refrence Pictures: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2302632
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